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Staff Bios

Kirsta Bezenek

Health Education Specialist |

Kirsta is a former Campus Health Center undergrad Peer Educator as well as a former NMSU student-athlete. She graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelors degree in Community Health in May, 2014. Spurred by a passion for helping people and for the field of public health, she has worked in the field with a special interest and emphasis on prevention since graduating. Kirsta is happy to be a part of the WAVE crew and the new and improved campus Health & Wellness team. She is looking forward to continuing efforts to helping equip the NMSU-Las Cruces community to strive towards healthy lifestyles by promoting preventative behaviors through health education. 

Piper Coalson

Health Education Specialist |

Piper has a Bachelors in Individualized Studies with a focus on Psychology, Sociology and Communications. She also has a Master Certificate in Public Health and it currently working on finishing her MPH. She joined the WAVE program in 2015 and is the program manager for the WAVE Rx grant. NMSU WAVE Rx collaboratively identifies and implements evidence-based practices to increase protective behaviors and decrease negative consequences associated with abuse of alcohol and prescription opioids in our community.


Tiffany Tyson

Health Education Specialist |

Tiffany Tyson graduated NMSU with a Bachelors degree in Theatre Arts. She has been working at the WAVE program for the last five years.  She is very passionate about the arts and social justice issues which is why she enjoys working at WAVE. The biggest thing she wants people to know is that even though WAVE deals with very serious topics, it is a very fun program that is here to help people.



Isaac Duran

Marketing Specialist/Peer Educator |

Isaac Duran is a senior at NMSU currently working on getting a major in CMI and a minor in Marketing. He joined WAVE in fall of 2014 starting off as a peer educator. He later became and is the current Marketing Specialist for the program. 




Xoe Choate

Peer Educator |
Xodia is a sophomore Theatre Arts major with an emphasis in Musical Theatre.  She is passionate about education, and her favorite part of WAVE is the opportunity to talk to students one-on-one. She hopes to be a positive influence in her community, through both art and education!




Shaunia Grant

Peer Educator |

Shaunia Grant is a sophomore at NMSU currently working on getting a major in Studio Art and a minor in Theatre. She joined WAVE in Spring of 2017 and has worked as a peer educator and an actor.




Cherokee Sullinger

Peer Educator |
Cherokee is an English major who also hosts a classical music show on KRWG FM. She loves singing in NMSU choirs and practicing yoga. She is an active member of NMSU’s Student Alliance for Reproductive Justice and would like to work as an organizer after college. This is her first semester with WAVE and she’s happy for this opportunity to supplement and expand her knowledge as she helps educate students around her. 



Delta Higdon

Intern |
My name is Delta Higdon, I am Native American affiliated with the Navajo tribe. I am a senior here at NMSU majoring in Public Health working my way towards a minor in Exercise Science as well. This is my first semester interning with the WAVE program. I enjoy tabling with my colleagues, educating our peers about certain topics and bringing awareness upon them.