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Team Bios

Tiffany Tyson

WAVE– Health Education Specialist |

Tiffany started out as a peer educator for the WAVE program in 2013, and shes been hooked on health education ever sense. She is passionate about violence prevention and helping people achieve a happier and healthier life. When not working towards one of those, Tiffany can often be found creating things, including paintings, and plays. She received a Bachelors of Arts, with an emphasis in Theatre in 2016. She often blends her two passions by finding new and creative ways to educate. She would like to leave you with a saying, “I looked around and said, ‘Why isn’t someone doing something?’ then I realized, I am someone”.

Piper Coalson

WAVE RX – Program Coordinator |

Piper has a Bachelors in Individualized Studies with a focus on Psychology, Sociology and Communications. She also has a Master Certificate in Public Health and it currently working on finishing her MPH. She joined the WAVE program in 2015 and is the program manager for the WAVE Rx grant. NMSU WAVE Rx collaboratively identifies and implements evidence-based practices to increase protective behaviors and decrease negative consequences associated with abuse of alcohol and prescription opioids in our community.


Isaac Duran

WAVE RX- Admin Assistant |

Isaac Duran graduated NMSU with a Bachelors degree in Creative Media and a minor in marketing. He has worked for the WAVE program for 4 years prior to joining the WAVE RX team. He’s worked as a peer educator, marketing specialist and currently as an admin assistant for WAVE RX. 


Donna Bridges

Peer Educator 

bio goes here.





Xodia Choate

Peer Educator 

Xodia Choate is in her final year at NMSU, and her fourth  year as a Peer Educator with the WAVE Program.  She is passionate about education, the arts, and outreach. Her favorite part of her experience with WAVE has been the opportunity to talk with her peers about important topics one-on-one. She hopes to continue to be a positive influence in her community through both art and education!



Celeste Galvan

Peer Educator 

Celeste Galvan is a Nursing student at NMSU with a minor in Spanish. This is her first semester with the WAVE program, her favorite part of working for WAVE is being able to inform students on all the programs that NMSU has to offer to create a safe and inviting environment for staff, students and the NMSU community. 



Emily Liano

Peer Educator 

Emily Liano is a senior in Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology and Counseling and is in her first year with WAVE. Her passion is to help the NMSU community be safer while enjoying the, “college life,” and educate on resources available for us Aggies through the WAVE program. She hopes to make a difference in the work that she does and to be an advocate for students that feel unsure and don’t know who to talk to or where to look for help at New Mexico State University.


Haley Mansur

Peer Educator 

Haley Mansur is a sophomore and studying to get her bachelor’s degree in Family and Child sciences, this is her first year being a part of the WAVE Program. She is passionate about helping people who need it and listening to people in need. She is thrilled that the WAVE Program gives her the opportunity to reach people all across campus and hopes her efforts will help her peers in need.



Samantha Mendoza

Peer Educator 

Sam started with WAVE in the spring as an intern for her degree in Counseling in community psychology. This is her second semester with WAVE and her last semester at NMSU.  She is passionate about Mental Health as she is studying to be a counselor in clinical mental health. She hopes to help end the stigma of mental health. 




Jasmine Romero

Peer Educator 

Jasmine Romero is a junior at NMSU. She is currently majoring in nursing with a minor in Public Health. She is highly dedicated to her work and believes if you work for what you want, it will happen. Her favorite part of WAVE is reaching out to people who speak both English and Spanish about health education to have a fun, safer community in Las Cruces. She hopes to be a good influence on her community by promoting good health for all.



Erin Tovar

Peer Educator 

Erin Tovar is a Junior in Social Work Major, and is a transfer student from El Paso. She is passionate about helping other and her community. She likes to be involved with outreach programs and her fellow students. She hopes to have a positive impact on her classmates and the community with her involvement. 




Mikayla Fuller

Student Social Media Aide 

My name is Mikayla Fuller and I am a senior majoring in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric, Digital Media, and Professional Communication and minoring in Philosophy. I am a Student Ambassador for the College of Arts and Sciences, the Campus Manager for Amazon Prime Student, and a Social Media Assistant for WAVE. I’m from Roswell and I love music and the outdoors. I hope whoever is reading this has a good day. 



Chantelle John

Student Social Media Aide 

Chantelle is a transfer student from San Juan College in Farmington, NM. This is her first semester in Las Cruces and at New Mexico State University as a Junior. She is currently majoring in Accounting/Information Systems with a minor in Marketing. Her favorite part about WAVE is gaining new experience in the Health Education aspect/awareness through Social Media on a university campus especially since her transition from a community college of its AS/SJC Student Activities events and their Studio G business accelerator program.


Sara Reyes

Student Social Media Aide 

Sara is currently a senior studying Creative Media with an emphasis in Animation and Visual Effects as well as a minor in Studio Art. While a newcomer to the WAVE program, she wants to help reach a greater audience with the help of social media. Through this, she hopes to make a difference in NMSU and its surrounding community.