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Welcome to WAVE Rx’s Provider Portal



The WAVE RX Provider Portal is intended to assist medical providers in educating and encouraging patients to reduce social access of prescription opioids. Within the portal, you will find information, tools, and resources that may be beneficial for your everyday use. 



Find recommendations on prescribing opioid pain medications to patients 18 and older.  You will find guidelines and tool-kits that seek to improve patient safety, and provide useful information for medical providers.




Quickly calculate the total daily opioid dose (MME conversion) to identify patients who may need closer monitoring, tapering, or other measures to reduce risk. Patients prescribed higher opioid dosages are at high risk of overdose death.




Find specific New Mexico based resources. Resources include Prescription Drug Misuse and Overdose Prevention and Pain Management Advisory Council, Drug Monitoring Programs, and the New Mexico Department of Health.




All you need to know about Naloxone. Where general public can obtain naloxone- free clinics and pharmacies with and without a prescription.  Laws on Naloxone access have changed quickly and most states have standing orders that do not require a prescription.  




This tool proivders the ability to explore a variety of interactive maps. Maps includes Drop-Off locations, Narcan sites, mortality/emergency room visits, and CDC’s interactive map.





Apps to help Providers in clinical practices in real time have access to: guidelines, tools, and resources in the palm of their hand. Managing chronic pain is complex, but accessing prescribing guidance has never been easier.


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